Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jersey Digiscoping new location

We have moved Jersey Digiscoping to a new location.

The finished product is still in the Beta mode,,but soon it will be complete

A Photo gallery will be added to the new website too.

I am really excited about the Image quality that will be offered no altering the resolution as was done with the previous ...

I will still have this Blog spot open for Affiliates which my viewers can capitalize on great savings!

Thanks"s to everybody for support and looking forward to your input and questions at the new location.

Kevin Bolton

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Testing Different Cameras

The wind was quite bad so I decided to hit the Local Audubon for some Song Sparrow action with the Panasonic GH3 /Nikon 1/V1

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Slow Birding game plan change

March should be a Real turn around month but ,considering the lingering cold weather and wind ,it is a real Challenge for Digiscoping.

With the lack of Passerines ,,I decided to get some flight Shots of Hawks and Harriers with the Swarovski STX-95/Panasonic GH3 combo.

The Red Tailed Haws were easier since Hovering provided some enough time for manual focus ,but the Harriers were a considerable challenge .

After my outing at the Meadowlands ,,I went to a local patch searching for Winter Wrens but only managed to pick off a Northern Cardinal  .

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

PA-i5 adapter for iPhone

The Phone Scoping revolution always interested me ,,but never seemed to motivate me to merge into that field until the present.
  Swarovski optic designed the PA-i5adapter for the Iphone 5s ,, so you can create wonderful Phone Scoping images with the ATX/STX series Scopes along with the CL Companion Binoculars.

I will demonstrate with the PA-i5 adapter in the field on March 22nd for my Digiscoping the Meadowland s segment at Mill Creek Marsh just shoot me an Email if interested .

More information on this product..

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Digiscoping the Meadowlands an open Tutorial.

Shake off those Wintertime Blues ,,,with an open Digiscoping Tutorial .

Date: March 22th 2014

Location: Mill Creek Marsh Secaucus N.J

Time: 8am till 11am

A limit of 5 guest sign up ,just bring a SD Memory card to record your images.

I will be doing hands on lesson with Point and Shoot camera along with some Iphone 5 Phonescoping.

Some of the species that will be covered Tree Swallows ,,,Greater Yellowlegs ,,among others that will be fairly stationary and easy to track.

Looking forward to a great time.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Swarovski 85mm objective

The Weather in the Northeast has been less than par for shooting conditions,,, it has been disappointing considering,, I really wanted to field test the second addition to my Digscoping  arsenal.

The Swarovski 85mm objective starts at 25 power which is great for having more room to fill the frame.
I really like the 11 feet close focus range with the 85mm for some small Warbler shots along with Hummingbirds and Dragonflies .
Here are 2 test Shots of Song Sparrows.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Little Waxwing Action

With overcast Sky's and high winds I decided to stay local ,,,

Crab Apples are some of the favorite food for Cedar Waxwings and I found a patch close to my house.
 Along with the Crab Apples I did find some Cedar Waxwings!

The Flock was a bit Skittish and did not stay around to long ,,plus my Tri-pod was a bit unstable with the wind,,which makes me want to up grade to the Manfrotto 535 with a heavier video head.